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Letitia Lykes at Port Said, my last freighter on her next to last voyage in 1994

Sea Stories - During my career at sea, one of the favorite institutions of our work day at sea was a 15 to 30 minute coffee break at 10 A.M. and another at 3 P.M. During this time we would drink a coffee, or have a snack, and talk about our adventures on previous ships. Some of the stories were true, some were total fabrications, but most did have at least a basis in fact. I thought that by posting some of my stories here, the reader could get a better idea of the life at sea, and about those who follow the sea as a living. My stories are all TRUE but the names may have been changed to protect the guilty.

The Misadventure section is a true story written by a freind and shipmate, Hans about a trip he made with a psychotic captain, the kind of voyage we would like to forget.  They nearly became another Mayaguez or Pueblo incident.

Aranui 3 is my latest adventure, when in July 2011 I made a trip as a passenger on a freighter/passenger ship that sailed from Tahiti to the Marquesa Islands.

The section titled "Opinions" Includes some general comments on topics from maritime regulations, garbage (and how it is regulated) to tonnage (there is no exact answer to the question, "How big is a ship"?)

Freighter Passengers - We often carried passengers during my years with Lykes.  Lykes management felt that having passengers was good public relations and good for the industry.  The first four stories on this page deal primarily with voyages involving passengers. Though these events occurred a few years ago, the relationships between passengers, the crew and captain, remain unchanged. Any freighter captain has a host of similar stories about his passengers.

Finally the Mercy section tells about my more recent work for Mercy Ships and Feed the Hungry.  I have found it to be the most rewarding work of my entire career, even though I work as a volunteer.

Below I am saying goodbye to my daughter and in-laws and sailing to Euope from Galveston on the Charlotte Lykes in 1988.